Eye Care Tips : Natural Remedies For Eye Care

Natural Eye Care Tips

# A diet rich in vitamin A sparkles the eyes. Vitamin A Foods are Papaya,fish, milk, eggs, cilantro and etc.

# Frequent washing of eyes with cold water also helps.

# For treating dark circles, cucumber slices on them is the best remedy.

# Massage with unscented castor oil is the best natural anti eye wrinkle remedy, even doctors suggest it.

# Overnight soaked amla and then washing the eyes next morning with this water is very helpful.

# Soaking cotton in slightly warm milk and covering your eyes with it for about 15 minutes is very beneficial.This will prevent the eye wrinkle forming under the eye.

# Massaging the scalp with curd soothes itchy and red eyes.

# For soothing tired eyes, dip two small cotton pads in very cold milk and place on closed eyes for approximately ten minutes and try to relax.

# For complete relaxation close your eyes and try thinking of pleasant and soothing things a little far away you may also concentrate on something at an arms length.

Consume food rich in Vitamin A, C and E as these act as antioxidants that helps the healthy flawless skin under the eye.


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