Mosquito Bites Itch : Home Remedies for Itchy Mosquito Bites : Natural Remedies to Stop Mosquito Bites Itching

Most people experience a skin reaction when bitten by a mosquito. For some, the persistent itchiness of a mosquito bite can be maddening. Scratching an insect bite can create an opening for infection. The cause of the itch is basically the saliva of the mosquito that is injected into your blood.
If you get large swellings like welts or swelling in your throat you must contact your pharmacist or doctor immediately as you may have developed an allergy to the bite. Otherwise you can use some of the following home remedies listed below, they work wonders not to mention giving you a relief from the itchiness.

. Put a piece of Scotch tape or similar onto the bite. Wash the area with rubbing alcohol or ammonia first. Leaving it there will make the itch almost entirely go away. After a few hours, remove it.

. Use the common plantain. Either roll leaves of common plantain between fingers to extract juice, or chew on common plantain leaves a little bit, then rub the juicy leaf over mosquito bite. The itch goes away in less than a minute.

. Rub aloe vera gel or broken leaf from an aloe vera plant on the bite area to relieve itching.

. Make a paste of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) mixed with warm water. One tablespoon to one pint of water is a good ratio to use. Gently apply to the affected area. Leave on for a few minutes, then wash off with warm water.

. Cut lemon or lime into pieces and rub gently on the affected area, or just squirt a bit juice on it. Citric acid has some itch-relieving properties.

. Rub a basil leaf on mosquito bites to stops itching.

. Crush aspirin and mix with a smidge of water to make a paste. Dab right on mosquito bite and leave to dry.

. Try mouthwash. Simply dab over the affected area and leave to dry.

. Mix a few drops of household cleaning ammonia with baking soda to form a paste. Apply gently to the affected area and allow to dry. This should relieve the itching. Remove with warm water.

. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Place the soaked cotton ball over the mosquito bites. If you don't want to hold it, tape it in place. Leave there for a few minutes.

. Make a thick paste of cornflour and apple cider vinegar. Gently apply the paste to the affected area. Allow to dry. It will alleviate the itching by the time it has dried. Wash off using warm water.

. Try adding some distilled witch hazel to calamine lotion as an effective pain relief and itch soother for mosquito bites.

. If you're near the sea, take a dip in sea water. Or add salt to hot water to make salt water.

. Dip a wash cloth into hot water, but not so hot that it burns your skin. Press the wet part of the cloth against the bite. Hold it there until you feel the bite tingle. Repeat once or twice.

. Apply an ice pack or ice cubes to the bites.

. Dab some toothpaste over the bite area. This can work like a charm to relieve itching.

. Rub some underarm deodorant on the bite area.

. Rub a bar of dry or wet soap over the itchy area.

. Dabbing small amounts of lavender oil direct to the affected area can relieve the itching quickly.

. Use melaleuca or tea tree oil. This oil is known as a cure-all for many problems and it can also alleviate the itching from mosquito bites.

. Try Vicks Vaporub®. Keep applying Vicks® to the area, especially if it rubs off.

. Use nail polish (preferably clear). Be sure that the bite is not raw from scratching. This keeps it from itching and acts as a seal to protect it.

. Rub the inside of a banana skin (peel) onto the bite.

. Rub the sap of an onion over the bite.

. Make a small paste of breakfast oatmeal and apply to the bite area. Allow to dry, then wash off.

. Add a little meat tenderizer to the bite area. Mix a little bit in water first, then apply.

. Place your own saliva on the bites. Leave it to soak in; for some people this relieves the itching.

. Break a raw egg and put only the white over your itch. Make sure there is no open wound over your itch.

. Mix equal parts of dettol and baby oil together, and apply with a cotton swab. Will relieve itching for abour 2-3 hours.

. Make a cup of green tea, put the wet tea bag on your mosquito bites.


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