Get Rid of Nail Fungus : Treatments and Natural Home Remedies


People start getting rid of finger nail fungus before the infection is too far advanced. However, it's much harder to get a topical treatment to stay on a fingernail when you're using your hands all the time, and it's much harder to sit for 15 to 30 minutes every day with your hands soaking in a solution.

Home remedies for nail fungus,like any other condition you can find a number of natural treatment for your toe nail fungus as well.It seems that everyone has a piece of sage advice to offer about how to get rid of nail fungus. Some advice is very simple: apply Vicks VapoRub, Listerine, tea tree oil, or any one of a dozen other substances. Other remedies take more effort, like soaking the affected toenail(s) in a solution of dilute bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, Listerine, or some other chemical for a period of time each day.

What so ever you choose, will have to work for at least a month or two before it shows any result and you have to be stubborn enough to continue for six months to a year or even up to eighteen months in older and obstinate cases.

Keep in mind that prescription medicines will also take this much time. The most common natural cure for fungus nails is to soak feet or hands in an anti fungal solution. This could be apple cider vinegar, white synthetic vinegar, chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Even soaking your feet in salty water can be helpful. Again proper filing along with continuous applications twice a day for months is required.


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