Breast Self Aware : How To Become Breast Self Aware, Breast Self Examination

Self-Check:How To Become Breast Self Aware

It is so important to be breast self-aware as early detection is the best defense against breast cancer. Here is how to conduct a breast self-examination to protect yourself from breast cancer.

Step 1: Examine yourself in the mirror

Begin by looking at your breasts in the mirror with your arms by your side or on your hips and check that they are their usual shape, size and condition. Look for inversion of the nipple, irregular discharge or a rash.

Step 2: Raise your arms

Now, raise your arms and look again for any changes, particularly any signs of puckering, dimpling or redness.

Step 3: Feel your breasts

Raise one arm in the air or place it behind your head. Use the pads of your three middle fingers of the other hand keeping the fingers flat and together. Using a firm, smooth touch, feel your entire breast including the nipple and armpit (be particularly aware of swellings in this area). The aim is to cover the whole breast from top to bottom, side to side including the underarm area.

Step 4: Use the circular method

Using a circular motion, start from the nipple and move out around the breast being aware of lumps or other irregularities

Step 5: Contact your doctor

The vast majority of lumps are not cancerous. It could simply be a cyst, or just natural lumpiness. If you have any doubts get it checked out by your doctor as soon as possible.


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Great post. Not to sound corny but for obvious reasons it's important for women to be reminded of this sort of thing. It really ought to be something women just get into the habit of doing, like if we can remember to shave our legs once a week, we should remember to check for breast irregularities.

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I just also want to reiterate how important this is. My best friend has just gone in to remission from having breast cancer - she suffered chemo, had to have the breast removed and has just finished radiotherapy. This doesn't just happen to older women either, it happens to young women like us so please be breast aware!! xxx

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