Healthy Manicures : How To Get Healthy Manicures

Millions of women visit manicurists to have their nails professionally manicured every year. What can you do to lower your risk of developing an infection or fungus,caused by a manicure? A few simple steps before your next manicure can significantly lower your risk of developing a painful nail infection or fungus, or disease.

1. Buy your own manicure or pedicure kit and take it with you when you visit your manicurist. Make sure you clean and disinfect your manicure kit after each use, even if you are the only one using your kit.

2. Bring your own nail polish, base coat, and top coats. Remove your old nail polish at home, or bring nail polish remover with you.

3. Check out the salon where you have your nails done. Does it look clean and sanitary? Is the trash container properly bagged and covered? Is the floor clean? Are the manicure tables kept neat and tidy? Is there plenty of good light? Look at the disinfectant containers and make sure that they are clear, clean, and free of debris.

4. If you are not using your own manicure kit: Are all instruments cleaned and disinfected after each use? Does the manicurist use fresh, clean instruments on each client? Does the manicurist remove the clean, disinfected, instruments from the disinfectant in front of you?

5. Make sure that the manicurists wash their hands before and after each client, and that clients wash before their nails are done.

6. Never use a towel that is not fresh and clean.

7. Make sure that plenty of clean, disinfected, nail brushes are available for each client.

8. Make sure that a new, unused, emory board is used for each client.

9. Consider using cuticle softener, rather than cuticle scissors to reduce the risk of broken skin occurring.