Facts About Breast Size : Breast Enlargement

The main factors that affect breast size is genetic, which is characterized by production of the estrogen hormones in the body. However, in women with excess body weight, fat deposits also affect the breast size. Excessive production of estrogen cause breast enlargement.

The estrogen hormone is the female sex hormones that affect growth and maintain secondary sex signs of a woman like breasts, and menstrual cycle regulation.

Apart from the natural condition of the body, estrogen production is also affected the lifestyle of modern women. Like the use of contraceptive pills that can increase the estrogen hormones in the body.

In fact, the use of birth control pills in a long term can make the body adapts so it influence the genetic of offspring. Often these hormones affect the daughter’s production of estrogen triggering early puberty.

There are factors that influence breast enlargement.

1. Products containing xenoestrogen.
Xenoestrogen is poison which disrupts hormones that are structurally similar to estrogen. These toxins can be found in plastics, furniture cleaners, car fan, hair dryer, deodorant, cosmetics, and moisturizers.

Xenoestrogen could fool the body as if it is a real hormone and locks estrogen receptor and sends intruding messages to the cell. These vandals messages trigger PMS (pre-menstruation syndrome), mood instability, weight gain, and breast growth.

2. Consumption of dairy products from pregnant cows.
As many as 2/3 cow’s milk on the market was derived from cows that are pregnant. The milking of pregnant cows, especially during the last week of pregnancy, have high estrogen levels. This will affect the levels of estrogen in the body of the consumer.

3. Changes in lifestyle
It affects the metabolism of the body including the metabolism of hormones. Hormones are not effectively excreted will be circulated again in the body. This can trigger the growth of estrogen hormone.


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