Home Remedies to Decrease Appetite : How to Decrease Appetite Naturally : Natural Ways to Reduce Appetite

The appetite, or psychological desire to eat, is a learned sensation that depends on emotions and memories and can be influenced by external forces. Many people who are trying to loose weight want to decrease their appetite, which means they would have a reduced desire to eat. A sensation of hunger can lead to overeating and undermine the good intentions of a weight loss diet. Taking the edge off hunger can help make it easier to choose smaller portions of healthier foods instead of grabbing whatever is handy.

Many of the natural remedies to decrease appetite also have a lot to do with basic health and mental happiness. Home remedies to decrease appetite can give dieters a quick, safe and inexpensive boost in their weight loss efforts.

. Water is a powerful appetite suppressant. Drink an 8-ounce glass of water when you first start feeling hungry. It helps to suppress your appetite within about 10 minutes.

. Eat foods that decrease appetite. Foods like broccoli, cabbage, oranges, strawberries, turnips, zucchini and garlic will help decrease appetite.

. One of the best ways to decrease your appetite is to add fiber to your diet. Adding fiber means that you will feel full, eat fewer calories, and the fiber helps your body eliminate waste which also adds to losing weight.

. Make sure you get organic vegetable or chicken broth that is free of excitotoxins. Warm up the broth and have at it. If you drink a quart of this broth it is less than 20 calories and you will definitely feel full.

. Chewing gum helps to decrease the appetite. While chewing any flavor gum helps suppress appetite, fruit-flavored chewing gum is more effective than mint-flavored gums.

. Eat fenugreek seeds in food or as a dietary supplement suppresses appetite, as the concentration of fiber creates a sensation of satiety and fullness.

. Drinking green tea regularly suppresses the appetite. It helps to remove excessive body weight and fat, and then keep the unhealthy weight off over time.

. Drink coffee. Coffee is a popular pick-me-up for busy mornings and can also help suppress your appetite by reducing your desire to eat for a brief time.

. Drinking skim milk before lunch helped people feel full and eat an average 226 fewer calories during the meal itself. The lactose content in the milk might help reduce appetite as well.

. Season dishes with powdered or chopped cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper powder can also be stirred into tea, juice, milk and soups. Cayenne, also known as capsaicin, helps to suppress hunger and increases feeling of fullness.

. Pour 1 teaspoon of psyllium seeds into 8 ounces of warm water. Quickly mix the water and seeds together for several seconds and then consume. You will need to drink this solution immediately, as the psyllium rapidly thickens when introduced to water. Consume at least 30 minutes prior to a meal.

. Whenever you get a craving to eat more than you should or need to stop what you are doing and take ten long slow breaths. When you take these breaths, make them as deep as your body will allow. After you have finished doing this approach; you will notice that your cravings have gone away.

. Chickweed (Stellaria media) is great for shedding weight. You can eat it raw in salads. Alternately, you can steam it and eat it like a vegetable.

. Bring water to a boil, pour in about an ounce of dried burdock root, gently simmer for ten to twenty minutes, and allow to cool. Drink between meals. Burdock improves fat metabolism and acts as a diuretic.

. Drink nettle tea. Nettle tea is used to curb appetite and cravings and assist in weight loss.

. Drink fennel seed tea. Prepare fennel seed tea by adding 4 tsp. of seeds in 2 pints of boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, keep the container covered, and allow to stand for 15 minutes, then strain. 1 cup 3 or 4 times per day, cool or heated.

. Cinnamon creates a thermogenic burn. Cinnamon can be used in its powdered or stick form, adding it to drinks and foods, or as a supplement.

. Evening Primrose has been shown to be effective as a natural alternative to help reduce cholesterol levels and help people who do not process fats correctly loose weight.

. Seaweed is a good natural source of trace mineral and is a natural thyroid stimulant. It is widely available in capsule or tablets forms at many health food stores.



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