Chin Flab : How To Get Rid of Chin Flab, How To Burn Fat Around The Chin

Chin flab, more commonly known as a "double chin" is an excess amount of fat that presents itself directly below the chin. This excess amount of fat creates the appearance of a second chin. Chin flab often occurs in the elderly as well as people who are overweight or obese. Anyone who has chin flab has a few options for getting rid of it. Applying these methods properly effectively eliminates excess fat around the chin.

1. Perform specific mouth and jaw exercises designed to burn off fat around the chin. One effective chin exercise consists of you standing upright and tilting your head back as far as you can. Once your head is facing the ceiling, start to open and close your mouth as if you are chewing gum. This exercises the jaw and the area around your chin.

2. Exercise daily to burn off calories and fat. Getting plenty of cardiovascular exercise daily helps burn off excess around the chin and anywhere else on the body that is storing stubborn fat. Make a 30 to 60 minute jog or power walk a part of your daily exercise routine.

3. Avoid fatty junk foods. Unhealthy junk foods often contain excessive amounts of calories and fat. This fat can often be stored in places such as the belly, face and thighs. Consider replacing junk food with healthy fruits and vegetables.

4. Chew gum regularly. Chewing gum exercises your mouth and jaw muscles, which then burns fat around the chin and face. When it comes to selecting a chewing gum, choose one without sugar. Sugar equals calories, and calories contribute to stubborn fat.

5. Improve your posture. Poor posture can be directly attributed to having chin flab. Practice good posture by placing a hardcover book on your head and walking 10 to 20 paces back and fourth. Also be sure to avoid slouching when sitting and hunching your back when standing or walking.

6. Beat the bulge on your chin with this exercise. Rest your palm against your forehead and push it for 10 seconds while gently resisting it with your head and neck tightly. Repeat the movement with your hand on the back of your head, followed by each side.