Gas Relief : Causes, Prevention and Home Remedies

Have you ever suffered from gas relief? Gas relief can be very frustrating and embarrassing. Swallowing too much of air while eating, acidic stomach, stressful lifestyle and eating too much of spicy food can result in the development of excessive gas.

Many of us often try antacids for gas and bloating, but for this purpose they are useless. They are also not healthy to use for indigestion or heartburn, because although they neutralize acid, they prevent proper digestion and interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

Natural remedies for gas relief

. Parsley is a great natural ingredient that comes in handy when it comes to treating excessive stomach gas. You can soak a little amount of parsley in water and drink this liquid at regular intervals during the day.

. Ginger is also a valuable herb when it comes to treating stomach gas. Soak a few slices of ginger in lemon juice and chew on them for instant relief from gas.

. Passion fruit is another useful herbal treatment used to get rid of excessive stomach gas. Soak around 2 gm of passion fruit in a quarter cup of water and drink this solution for instant relief from gas.

. Avoid chewing gum, hard candies, and carbonated beverages.

. Drink plenty of water throughout the day eight glasses.

. Exercise to help regulate your bowel habits, which may reduce or eliminate gas over time.

. Fennel oil is also a very good herbal remedy for treating stomach gas. You can avail maximum benefits of fennel oil by massaging it over the stomach.