Blocked Nose : Causes, How To and Home Remedies

Blocked nose, is caused by the inflammation of the mucus membranes that line the inner walls of the nasal cavity. Common cold, allergies, flu and sinus infections are the most common causes for this condition. Less frequently, excessive use of certain nasal sprays and drops may also be responsible for a blocked nose.

Do you want to know about some of the effective ways to get rid of stuffy nose? There are a lot of medicines available in the market these days to get rid of stuffy nose. Therefore, natural remedies are always considered to be better options for dealing with stuffy nose, as compared to drugs and medicines.

. Avoid eating heavy food items, such as dairy products. These products make the nose stuffier. You should make sure to eat light food items such as fruits and soups.

. Drink fresh fruit juices. Make sure to take hot bath and shower. The stuffy nose would be opened up in a great way with the help of steam from hot water.

. Vicks Vapor-rub is a very good solution for stuffy nose. The strong scent of the vapors helps in unclogging the stuffy nose.

. Take hot water steam to get relief from stuffy nose. Take this steam two to three times in a day to get immense relief.

. A simpler home remedy involves sniffing an onion, which makes the nose run and thus unblocks it.

. Drinking plenty of hot soups, hot lemon tea and even hot water with honey is beneficial.

. Increase your intake of zinc and Vitamin C for long-term effects.

. Avoid lying flat when your nose is blocked since it restricts breathing. Instead prop up your head, by using more than one pillow, so that the nasal passage drains while you are sleeping and it is easier to breathe.

. Apply raw mustard oil on both sides of the nose externally every night before going to bed. This naturally warms up the nasal cavity and loosens the accumulated mucus inside that is often responsible for the congestion.

. Mix equal portions of coconut oil and ginger extract and warm this mixture gently on a low flame and then apply it on the forehead about an hour before taking a bath.

. Use eucalyptus oil to massage your forehead every day.