Natural Face Lift : How To and Home Remedies

The fine lines, the sagging skin, the wrinkles that appear at the outer corners of our eyes… these are all typical signs of aging that we all must contend with as our body grows older and older, year after year.

The best and safest method for face lifts is through facial exercising. The proper exercise for face lifts remedies the cause of the aging process of the face by tightening elongated muscles, thereby producing face lifts where the contour has drooped, a firming up where the face appears flabby, and a filling out by rebuilding atrophying muscle tissues.

You can start a facial fitness regime any where and at any time, though most women will opt to do it in the privacy of their own home as they may look a tad silly doing these exercises in public. Let’s start from the top of the face down:

The Forehead
Take your fingers and place them just above your eyebrow. With your fingers, pull the skin down. Now try to raise your eyebrows against the pressure that you are applying with your fingers. Repeat this ten times. This will help smooth out any wrinkles that may be on your forehead.

The Eyelids
Take your thumbs and place them at the corners of your two eyes. Now shut your eyes tightly, and then pull the skin upwards towards the forehead. Repeat this process ten times, and you should be finding that your crows’ feet are far less noticeable.

To try and manage sagging eyelids, take your index fingers and hold them close to the brow bone. Now raise your eyebrows. While you’re raising your eyebrows, try to close your eyes. Repeat this step ten times.

The Cheeks
The best way to give your cheeks a good work out is to start by forming an “o” shape with your lips. Now try to push them forward as quickly as you possibly can. Release the “o” shape, and then smile as large as you possibly can. Follow this routine ten times and rest.

The Lips
To exercise the lips, push your lips outwards in a large and pronounced pout. Alternatively, you can try to suck on your finger as hard as you can. This will help keep those dreaded lip wrinkles at bay. Repeat this step ten times.