Insomnia : Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep and not being able to get enough sleep.This can make you permanently tired. It can last for days or weeks but if it lasts for months ,it is considered chronic.


1.Stress or anxiety

2.Physical illness such as asthma or pain

3.Drugs or medication

4.Lifestyles habits or changes

5.Environment factors such as noise,hot and cold.


1.Take prescribed medicines

2.Avoid too much caffeine such as coffee,soda

3.Stop smoking

4.Exercise daily but not immediately before sleep

5.Do not take heavy meals before bed

6.Make sure your bed is comfortable

7.Do not take naps during the day

8.Take a warm bath before bed

9.Drink warm milk before going to bed

10.Listen to soothing music which can help to fall asleep.