Corns : How To Remove Corns, Home Remedies

Corns are an unflattering hardening of the skin that occurs for a few different reasons. There are hard corns, which are corns that develop when we wear shoes that do not fit our feet correctly or if we have malformations in our feet. Then there are also soft corns which typically occur between our toes, and are a result of how our feet are genetically designed.

If you happen to have hard corns, the easiest solution would be to purchase and wear shoes that are made for wider feet. Yes, this may mean that you have to sacrifice a bit of style for your feet, but it’s worth it. You can also try to apply some lamb’s wool padding over the affected areas. If all else fails, there are other options that you can look at, such as:

Having your corns cut out.

Having the corns burnt off with an acid preparation.

Having your feet and/or toes surgically altered if the malformation of your feet is causing health issues.

If you aren’t too fond of using medicated ointments, there are herbal alternatives out there as well. Some of these include:

* Green figs
* Papaya
* Lemon
* Licorice

Applying any one of those herbs can help reduce and even eliminate the corn. Some people also swear that ice has greatly helped them in removing their hard corns.