Cold Sores : Causes, Prevention and Home Remedies

Cold sores are blisters that appear in your lips making you feel miserable because of not only the pain but also the blemishes it causes to your appearance. Rarely on can also have the cold sores on gums and nose. Cold sores are invisible but you can feel the pain caused by them.

Cold sores could be traced to a form of virus named herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 1 which is different from those that cause genital herpes or chickenpox.The fluids emanating from the blisters have a clear yellowish color in a reddened skin. As and when it breaks up, it lets a fluid to ooze out which dries to a yellowish crust.

Cold sores are one of the commonest disorders of the mouth and millions of people across the word sufferer from it. The virus is generally spread by kissing, however sharing plates, glasses, bottles etc with someone who is suffering from a blister is also not recommended due to the contagious nature of the condition.

There are various medicines available over the counter but if you don't want to wait for going out and buying them then there are several home remedies for cold sores .

. Replace your toothbrush after every six months or before that. Your toothbrush can be responsible for causing cold sores, as the herpes virus can grow if the toothbrush is kept in moist surrounding.

. One of the effective home remedy for cold sores is pressing or rubbing ice on a sore. Hold the ice to the sore for about 3-8 minutes repeating it for a few hours.

. Rubbing aloe to cold sores is also one of the great home remedy for cold sores to lessen their size and help decreasing pain.

. Rub lemon balm extract,is also one of the great home remedy for cold sores.

. After every hour keep tea bags over the cold sores for about ten to fifteen minutes, as this will give relief from the pain caused by cold sores.

. Tea tree oil should be applied on the cold sores for healing the blisters fast.

. Collect fresh neem leaves and apply its paste on the cold sores. Neem is very effective and has medicinal properties to heal the cold sores.

. Add some salt in water and boil it for sometime. Then allow it cool for some time and then gargle with this salt water .

. Mix 3ml of carbolic acid in 100 ml of coconut oil and apply this mixture on the cold sores three times in a day.

. Take 200-500 mg. of vitamin C along with 200-500 mg. of citrus bioflavonoids thrice a day.

. One of the greatest diet for cold sores is application of Vitamin E topically. It will provide pain relief.

. Plain yogurt (with acidophilus) with live cultures is taken as it is very good as preventive measure for cold sores.

. Another home remedies for cold sores is applying a cornstarch paste.

. Make a tea by adding 2-3 leaves to a cup of boiling water and steep. Then add one tsp of powdered ginger and have it several cups a day until the sores are cleared off.

. Avoid peanuts, peas, chocolates, whole-wheat products from your diet, as they are rich in arginine, which can increase the cold sores.

. Avoid squeezing the blisters or else the blisters will start bleeding and then you will find it difficult to eat anything.

. After touching the blisters wash your hands properly. Without washing the hands don't touch your eyes or genital areas.

. Take one 1500 milligram tablet each morning and the cold sores should begin to dry up after the second or third day.

. Use of petroleum jelly prevents your skin (around the sore area) from cracking.

. Make sure that you do not simply attempt to disguise the cold sores by using makeup and other cosmetic products as very often the chemicals in them will simply cause further irritation to the skin and worsen the condition.

. Soak some cotton wool in white vinegar and apply to infected area 4 times daily.

. Rub mentholatum rub works great. Usually in a few hours the whole thing is gone.

. Put Listerine on a cotton ball and hold it to the blister, it will kill many of the germs and cut healing time.


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