Cover A Spot : How To Cover A Spot, How To Cover Up Spots

How To Cover A Spot

Having zits, pimples and spots isn't easy and even the most confident of people can become self-conscious and upset. Last-minute skin care tricks can save your look from disasters. Whether you suffer from a lot of spots or just the occasional breakout, follow our advice to help you cover up even the most noticeable of acne.

1: Prepare

Before you even contemplate techniques to cover spots it is important to prepare correctly. This means always washing your face thoroughly before going to bed. Also make sure you moisturise any blemishes as it will be easier to cover red skin than to cover dry skin.

2: Foundation

Depending on what suits your skin, you could use either a foundation or a tinted moisturiser on your face, and for smaller blemishes and spots this can sometimes be enough. This isn't a necessity but if you normally use these products then they should be applied before any concealer is used.

3: Concealer

Warm a small amount of concealer on the back of your hand, and using a small brush or cotton bud apply it directly onto the spot. You can get medicated concealer's which will help to heal blemishes and decrease their redness.

4: Blend

Finally, using a small brush, blend the concealer at the edges of the spot onto the rest of the skin to give a more even finish.


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