Dark Armpits : Causes, Prevention and Home Remedies

Dark armpits are often the cause of embarrassment when you wear your favorite sleeveless top. Dark underarms are of more concern to fair people because it is visible more on fair skin. The problem of dark underarms is very common among people and this problem can be causes due to number of reasons such as excess amount of sweat in underarms, allergy to use of deodorant, unhygienic conditions, over usage of razor and some times due to some hereditary causes. There are also a number of reasons why the armpit area may be darker than the rest of your body, some of them being major health concerns. Some of these include:

-Diabetes type II
-Hormonal imbalances
-Endocrine disorders

You can start getting rid of you dark armpit area today with some simple home remedies.

1. Use a lemon. Cut a lemon so that you have a slice, and then rub it right over the armpit area. Lemons naturally lighten the skin, cleanse the skin, and they have antimicrobial properties which help prevent any continued darkening of your armpit area.

2. You can also take aloe vera gel and rub it under your arm pits.

3. After a shower rub some baking soda on your armpits.The benefit to baking soda is that it not only can help lighten your armpits, but it will also help absorb any sweat and odor.

4. Take fish oil supplements on a daily basis. You can find fish oil capsules in any grocery store or natural help food store.

5. Make a paste using 1 tsp of lime juice, 1 tsp of cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply it on your armpits and rinse after 20 minutes. This is a very effective remedy for dark underarms and so you should use it at least four times a week.

6. Keep the area as clean as possible and to wear clothing that is made from natural fibers. Excessive sweating or tight fitting clothing can be the cause behind your dark armpit woes, so try cleansing the armpit area twice a day and wear clothing that is made from cotton, wool, and other natural fibers.

7. There are oral medications that you can take, such as isotretinoin, and prescription creams that contain vitamin A that can be applied to the area to help lighten up the skin.

8. Citrus oils are acidic in nature and help to bleach the skin naturally. You could use this cream on a daily basis as it is an excellent dark armpits treatment.

9. Rub Vitamin E oil and coconut oil on the affected regions to keep them moist and reduce the chances of further discolouration.

10. Prepare a mixture using milk and honey, take three spoon of honey and add milk to it. You can apply this mixture in underarms before taking bath because honey is little blotchy and you need to take bath soon after it remains on the skin for fifteen minutes.