Bad Body Odor : Causes, Prevention and Home Remedies

Every person has his or her own unique odor or smell. This scent, whether sweet and aromatic or repugnant and foul, largely depends on what type of food you eat and the overall health of your intestines or gut. Although judging the foulness of an odor is different in each culture, bad body odor seems to be avoided by everybody, regardless of culture or upbringing.

A person who has a problem with his or her body odor will realize that no amount of bathing, splashing of cologne or perfume, and using deodorant can mask the lingering trace of such smell.Bad body odor can be caused by numerous things, gingivitis, cigarette smoking, drugs, poor diet, disease, alcohol and etc.

Although good hygiene is necessary to combat bad odor, the best way to beat this problem is still to cleanse your system from within. Below are some tips that could help you get rid of your body odor problems for good.

1. Your Diet

What you eat is what you smell like,especially if we are perspiring. There has been a link made between eating foods that are bad for us (such as fast foods or processed foods) and smelling badly. Those that eat fresh foods, however, tend to have a far less “foul” smell when they sweat. Foods that you should focus on to smell better include:

.Foods with lots of fiber
.Dark, leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli
.Whole grain foods, such as 100% wholegrain breads and whole wheat pastas
.Soy products

2. Your Stress

The more you stress, the more you stink suggests some leading research. Though they are not entirely sure why this is, it is suspected that because we sweat more when we are stressed, our body then accumulates more bacteria, which in turn makes us smell not as pleasant as we would like.

3. Your Thyroid

One of the leading causes behind body odor that hardly any one thinks about is their thyroid. Having a thyroid imbalance can definitely cause you to have an unsavory body odor, so if you do happen to notice that your body odor is unflattering despite trying a number of different deodorants and perfumes, have your doctor check out your thyroid to make sure that it is functioning properly. If you do happen to have a thyroid imbalance, treating it medically almost always puts a stop to any body odor issues that a person may have.

4. Drink Your Odor Away

A lot of people pay little attention to water. However, this fluid is very important in the elimination of waste products and toxins from the body. If you are suffering from body odor, it would be best to drink plenty of water so that the odor-causing toxins could be diluted inside your body. In order to make the deodorizing power of water more potent, you can add lemon juice to your glass of water. Lemon is also one of nature's best purifiers and deodorizers.

5. Chlorophyll Is Your Ally

One of the most effective internal deodorizers is chlorophyll, a substance that is popularly recognized as the one responsible for turning the color of plant leaves to green. Taking chlorophyll supplements will help greatly in the purifying and deodorizing of the body. In many hospitals, chlorophyll is actually used to minimize the odor of feces of patients that have their colons removed or have their stools routed in bags. But if you are not keen on taking supplements, you can also get your daily chlorophyll requirements by eating spinach, kale, chard and other green leafy vegetables.

6. Do The Detox

The things that you put inside your mouth can be the underlying reason behind your bad body odor. If you want to get rid of such odor, you need to undergo detoxification to help cleanse your system and eliminate once and for all the wastes and toxins that have been building up inside your intestines. You can do the detox by eating mostly raw foods, such as nuts, vegetables, and fruits, for several days or weeks.

7. Do Some Dry Brushing

One way to stimulate proper blood circulation and get rid of dead skin cells is by regularly dry brushing the skin. Use soft and natural bristles so that brushing your skin will not be painful. This activity is beneficial because it will not only help eliminate dead cells, which can be malodorous, but can also assist in getting rid of toxins on the surface of your skin.

8. Try Some Probiotics

Proliferation of bad bacteria inside your gut is one of the leading causes of bad body odor. These colonies of unfriendly bacteria may have flourished because of the types of food you eat or the lack of good bacteria inside your system. To remedy this problem, you may want to try eating yogurt, which is a good source of friendly microorganisms. You can also take supplements that contain probiotics.