Apple Shaped Body : Fashion For Apple Shaped Body, How To Dress To Flatter Your Shape

Fashion Tips For Your Body Shape: Apple

Learn how to dress to flatter your shape with our fashion guide for people who are 'apple' shaped and have a round profile.

1. Apples have a round profile, which means they carry weight on their stomach and bust, and tend to have thinner arms and legs.

2. If you are an apple, wear dresses that fall softly from the bust and have a flared hem to balance out your curves.

3. Dresses and skirts should be knee length to show off your legs.

4. Avoid denim jackets or jackets with bulky pockets which will make you look larger. Wear tailored jackets with flare and a simple fastening.

5. Trousers should be wide leg or flared to balance out the width around your centre. Flat-fronted, side-fastening trousers will minimise unnecessary bulk.

6. Your slimmest point is just under the bust so wear tops that are tighter here and skim your stomach.

7. Wedges will show off your slim ankles without making you look top heavy.

8. Wide-necked or wrap tops will show off your decolletage.

9. Draw attention upwards to the neck with accessories such as scarves, brooches or soft, rounded collars.