Boyish Shaped Body : Fashion For Boyish Shaped Body, How To Dress To Flatter Your Shape

Fashion Tips For Your Body Shape: Boyish

Learn how to dress to flatter your shape with our fashion guide for people who are 'boyish' shaped with a straight up and down figure.

1. The boyish shape is 'straight up and down', which means you have narrow hips and a small bust. Whether you're tall or short, your bust, waist and hip measurements tend to be quite similar.

2. Create curves with details at the bust and hips such as shirt dresses with breast pockets, or high waist wrap dresses. Wear a belt over dresses or skirts to create shapeliness.

3. Wear jackets with wide lapels and pockets that flare out from the waist to create hips. Jackets with tie belts rather than buttons will also make you look more curvy.

4. Wear boot-cut trousers or wide legged hipsters to add curves. If you're short, wear jeans with high pockets to add shape and elongate your legs.

5. Show off your legs with skinny jeans and long boots. Shoes and boots with heels will give you more of an 'S' shape by arching your back and lifting your bum and bust.

6. If you have toned arms, strapless tops will suit you. If your arms aren't toned, try wearing vest tops over shirts.

7. Tops can be bold in colour, texture and design. Create curves with accessories such as belts, scarves and jewellery.