Athlete's Foot : Causes, Prevention and Home Remedies

Athlete's foot is a very common skin infection of the bottom of the feet caused by fungus. The fungus that most commonly causes athlete's foot is called Trichophyton. This infection occurs mainly between the toe fingers. It is a contagious skin infection. This condition could occur to anyone, but people who wear their shoes or socks for long periods of time are usually more prone to it.
Athletes are more prone to athlete’s feet because they sweat a lot and the warm and moist conditions in the shoes is the perfect environment for the fungus to grow in.

Itching between the toe fingers is the most common symptom of athlete’s foot. Since the fungus begins to grow between the toes of the infected person, the skin between the toes can get scaly and rough. This causes itching and sometimes even burning of the skin. After sometimes moist and white lesions develop between the toe fingers. There may be pungent smell from the toe as the infection continues to grow. There may be redness and scales on the toe due to the growth of the fungus, the inflammation and the itching.

If you do not want to buy over-the-counter medication for your athletes foot, then do not worry. There are a few home remedies for athletes foot that may help you get rid of it.

. Wash the feet daily, or even twice, preferably with a mild soap paying with and extra attention to the area between the toes.

. Wear sandals or flip flops in the shower especially in public places.

. Soak the feet in Epsom salts and warm water.

. After washing or showering,dry the feet very carefully, especially the area between the toes.

. Dusting an antifungal powder on the feet and into the shoes is good idea. You should choose leather or canvas shoes but never plastic.

. Wear the shoes in rotation; meaning to say that one should not wear the same pair two days running and should not put on shoes those are damp.

. Spray the shoes with a disinfectant and put them out under the sunlight to help kill germs.

. Wear cotton socks, or special running socks which absorb sweat, with your trainers when doing sport.

. Apply tea tree oil directly to the affected area thrice a day. The general dose for tea tree oil is 4-10 drops.

. Apply some honey on your feet were it is infected and let it set on your feet for about 30 min. Take a warm shower to wash your feet off.

. Tea tree oil can also be used combining with Aloe vera gel. Mix about 4 oz of Aloe vera gel with ½ tsp of tea tree oil in a spray bottle and then spray it on the affected area two times a day. The affected area should then be allowed to dry totally before putting on socks and shoes.

. Apply a few drops of grapefruit seeds extract onto the palm and rub it onto the feet twice or thrice a day. Grapefruit seed extract can also be added to the water to wash socks.

. Dilute 1 part white household vinegar to 4 parts water. Soak or spray the affected area for 20 to 30 minutes twice day.

. Dilute 1/4 cup household Clorox bleach in one bathtub of water. Soak the affected area.

. Dilute a cup of apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water. Use this diluted solution to wash the affected skin.

. Fill a basin with one quart of water and add two spoons of betadine in the basin. Soak your feet in the warm water and betadine solution to get rid of any microbes in your feet.

. Sprinkle some baking soda between your toe fingers and rinse your feet after fifteen minutes.

. For immediate relief from itching or burning, soak your feet in an antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine.

. Corn starch is effective in soaking moisture, so keep your toe fingers dry by sprinkling some corn starch on them.

. Apply some honey on your feet were it is infected and let it set on your feet for about 30 min. After this it would be good to take a warm shower to wash your feet off.

. Fill a large bowl with a quart of boiling water and add six tea bags. After the tea has cooled enough to be comfortably warm, soak your feet for a half hour or an hour.

. Make concentrated sea salt solution in warm condition. Put it in foot bath and soak your feet for 20 minutes till water is warm. Repeat this 3-4 times, allowing 1-2 days in between the treatment to allow foot to recuperate.