Get Rid of Fat Over the Eyes : Causes, Prevention and Treatment

The eyes may appear to have fat deposits over them for several reasons. One of these reasons is that you do, in fact, have fatty globules that have accumulated over your eyes due to genetics or excessive weight gain. Unfortunately, these deposits are not usually affected by weight loss, so cosmetic surgery is one of the few remedies for your eyes. There are also other reasons for the appearance of fat over the eyes that have to do with daily activities and lifestyle.

1. Treat any nasal congestion. If you have trouble breathing at night, the cells around your eyes may become swollen. Often you can resolve this simply by sleeping propped up on two or more pillows; but sometimes antihistamines are necessary to combat allergies.

2. Relieve irritation in the eye area. Compulsively rubbing the eyes or using old makeup that may contain bacteria can cause your eyes to become chronically infected and swollen. Bacteria can actually live under your upper eyelid and cause it to appear fat. Throw out any makeup older than 3 months and relieve your eyes by gently rinsing them with clear water; then treat them with a cold compress for 15 minutes each day. As you remove the sources of irritation, the fat area over your eyes should go down. If it does not, then consult your doctor to see if you have a bacterial infection that needs to be treated with prescription medicine.

3. Tighten up your skin. Use an anti-aging cream with firming agents like vitamins C and A to help the skin over your eyes retain its youthful firmness and stop sagging. You can also take supplements for vitamins A, C and E to help your skin produce more collagen and retain more moisture for a fuller, smoother look. Work with a dermatologist when selecting vitamin A and C products since these can interact with other medicines and sunlight.

4. Avoid carbs and sodium. Believe it or not, simple water retention may be at the heart of your upper eye fat issue. High-carbohydrate, high-sodium foods cause your body to retain water and can cause serious facial swelling that gives some eyes the appearance of having fat deposits over them.


Jenny Cruz said...

My eyes looks saggy now, perhaps that's what the aging does but I might try some of your tips here and see the results.
Huh, I guess there's no need to visit my Plastic surgeon Los Angeles.