Foods That Make Your Breasts Bigger : Boost Your Breasts Naturally

As time goes on, breasts begin to sag; they lose their firmness and their shape; they “deflate”. Some women may be willing to undergo surgery to correct this sign of aging, but several either do not have the monetary funds to do so or are not brave enough to do it.

You do not have to live with a flat chest forever, even if you do hate the idea of surgery. There is some evidence that certain foods will actually boost your breasts naturally over time.

Soy Products

It is said that soy-related products that contain the soy protein will help increase your bust size. Soy does have a natural plant-form of estrogen in it, which will help stimulate breast growth.

Some sources of soy include:

Edamame beans (soy beans)
Garden “veggie” burgers (with soy) and other meat-replacement foods
Soy milk
Soy fortified products

Yeast Products

Some women have claimed that adding more yeast to their diet also added more to their breasts. Though it is not entirely known how yeast may cause breast growth, it is suspected that the yeast stimulates tissue growth and some water retention that will enhance your bust as a result. Some foods that contain yeast include:


Dairy Products

Dairy products work in numerous ways to help increase your breast size. One is that eating a lot of dairy products will add more weight to your overall body, which in turn can potentially increase your breast size. Low fat dairy products have been shown to slim your waist, which can make your natural breasts how they are now appear larger as a result. Lastly, dairy products often still contain growth hormones that were injected into the cow. When passed on to humans, these hormones can have a similar effect.

Some dairy products to consider consuming to add more inches to your bust include:



That’s right, some women swear by staying hydrated to keep their breasts full and perky. Keeping your body hydrated will undoubtedly keep your cells healthy and keep your entire body more youthful overall. Be sure to get your 8 to 10 glasses of water a day; it’s your key to eternal youth and beauty!

Before considering any drastic change to your diet, such as adding or increasing dairy or soy protein foods to your meals, it is important to discuss your weight and body image goals with a professional practitioner.