Hip Fat : How To Get Rid of Hip Fat, Toning and Reducing Hip Fat

The accumulation of excess weight around the hip area is a common problem for many men and women.And it is a known fact that women carry more fat around the hips than men; but this discrepancy seems to be disappearing more and more with our indiscriminately sedentary life style. While toning this area and reducing hip fat is difficult, it is not impossible.

Your main objective here is to lose weight and tone your trouble area with targeted exercises. This will give your hips a leaner, more defined look. You will need a couple tools to do your exercises.

1. Reduce your calories to reduce your pounds.Your diet should contain plenty of fresh fruits (except banana) and vegetables as they contain lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber which are essential for weight loss. Also drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

2. Avoid using elevator as it is better to climb stairs if you want to lose fat from your hip and thighs.

3. Run sideways up hills to burn fat and tone your hips. Start with a light five-minute warm-up jog, then come the bottom of a hill that is about 30 yards long. Turn to your left and side step your way to the top. Jog back down, turn to your right and side-step your way back up.

4. Execute a set of side step-ups on a bench. Stand with your right side facing a bench and place your right foot on top of it. Press down to lift your body in the air and lift your left leg. Bend your left knee and hip 90 degrees to get your thigh parallel to the floor and hold for a full second. Lower your foot back down, repeat for a set of 10 to 12 reps and switch sides.

5. Stand with your feet together to do speed skaters. Take a wide step to your right, bend your knee and touch the floor in front of your toes with your left hand. Stand up, bring your feet back together quickly and repeat on the other side. Alternate back and forth for 10 to 12 reps on each side.


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