Dizziness : Causes, Treatment and Natural Home Remedies

Dizziness is a term used to describe everything from feeling faint or lightheaded to feeling weak or unsteady. Dizziness that creates the sense that you or your surroundings are spinning or moving is called vertigo.

Although frequent dizzy spells or constant dizziness can keep you from doing much of anything, dizziness rarely signals a serious, life-threatening condition. Treatment of dizziness depends on the cause and your symptoms, but is usually effective.


The key sensations that characterize your dizziness — such as vertigo, a feeling of faintness or loss of balance — provide clues for possible causes.

Vertigo usually results from a problem with the nerves and the structures of the balance mechanism in your inner ear (vestibular system), which sense movement and changes in your head position. Sitting up or moving around may make it worse. Sometimes vertigo is severe enough to cause nausea, vomiting and imbalance.

Feeling of faintness (presyncope)
Presyncope is the medical term for feeling faint and lightheaded without losing consciousness. Sometimes nausea, pale skin and clamminess accompany a feeling of faintness.

Loss of balance (disequilibrium)
Disequilibrium is the loss of balance or the feeling of unsteadiness when you walk.

Other dizzy sensations such as floating, swimming or heavy-headedness
Other "dizzy" sensations that are more difficult to describe may include feeling "spaced out" or having the sensation of spinning inside your head.

Common Home Remedies to Treat Dizziness

. Enhance maintaining balance by learning exercises from a trained physiotherapist

. Reduce stress

. Practice aerobic exercises

. Develop a regular sleep pattern

. Rise slowly from bed or spend a few minutes in bed before waking up this helps normalize blood pressure.

. In the case of low blood sugar, it is advisable to immediately consume non-carbonated syrups. Plenty of fluids like coconut water, fresh lime water with sugar and fruit juices is recommended to raise the blood sugar levels as is glucose.

. Ginger root capsules also known to work in providing certain amount of relief, similarly black tea mixed with crushed ginger helps relieve the disorientation and nausea. Likely substitutions of ginger can be chamomile or even peppermint.

. Pregnancy related dizziness can be soothed by mixing two teaspoons of wheat germ into lukewarm milk, this is known to help ease the pain of morning sickness.

. Vitamin A and C rich fruits like Indian gooseberry is said to help. To consume, soak about five grams of the fruit overnight with coriander seeds. Consume the water after straining out the residue. Sweeten with sugar if found to be bitter.

. Consumption of caffeine and alcohol should be kept to a minimum are they are known to cause dizziness in some people.

. One should reduce the amount of intake of salty nuts and especially sweet treats as the measure depending on how severe the symptoms are.

. Consumption of diet drinks is often associated with the feeling of dizziness and should be kept to a bare minimum or avoided altogether. This alone is considered as one of the most effective diets for dizziness.

. If the symptoms of dizziness persist for long periods or are frequent immediately consult a health care professional.


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